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Houze Edition

Aluminum Outdoor Patio Coffee Table in Black with grey for Garden, Open-air balcony, Poolside

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* Simple shape, ergonomic, matte black color.* The product is lightweight, easy to move and quick to assemble.* All-aluminum alloy frame, strong corrosion resistance, sun protection, waterproof, high temperature resistance, often used for outdoor use.* Surface brushing alkali sand oxidation, delicate texture, not easy to drop paint, good skin affinity effect.* you can placed in the outdoor courtyard, garden, open-air balcony, swimming pool, indoor living room sofa, coffee cups, books, laptops and other lightweight items, the place of use can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs.

During the installation process, pay attention to the alignment of the holes between the aluminum frames, use the corresponding screws, and install according to the installation instructions.
In the process of use, the coffee table panel is static load-bearing 40Kg.
Be careful not to put more than its load-bearing objects, so as to avoid damage or personnel injury, do not use sharp objects to scratch the aluminum frame, so as not to damage the surface oxide layer.

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