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RGB Smart LED Floor Lamp for Modern Home

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This RGB LED Floor Lamp is the perfect lamp that one can have in their modern house, making it the centre point of attraction. It does not matter whether you are having a party or want to light it up in your room; this will be the best option. An RGB/ Warm LED strip is installed in the corner floor lamp that will give vivid lighting. 

When you get this lamp in your house, that will give you an exciting new feel you can keep in your living rooms and bedrooms. Adjust the parameters by touching the controller, such as color, mode, brightness, and speed.

The amazing thing is that a person with a small space can also get this great lamp because it only occupies a minimal amount of space and will provide ambient lighting to your workspace. It can also be rotated around the face for maximum visual effects.   


1. Remote color changing: Minimalist LED corner floor lamp with remote control color changing (RGB) by remote control.

2. Installable place: With a simple color-changing LED corner floor lamp, it can be perfectly installed on the corner, perfect for the living room or bedroom corner.

3. Easy to control: remote control to adjust RGB light color.

4. Long service live: 20W LED light source with an average service life of 15000 hours.

5. Space saving: space-saving simple floor lamp perfectly fits in any corner.


An RGB/Warm LED strip is integrated into the corner floor lamp to provide vivid lighting and an exciting new feel for bedrooms and living rooms. Several parameters are adjustable by touching the controller, including brightness, color, mode, and speed.


LED corner lamps are more than simply light sources that provide ambient lighting for corners, they are also one of the most versatile modern lamps in terms of their appearance and can be incorporated into any decor style.


They are ideal for use in living rooms or bedrooms. Moreover, the standing lamp occupies a minimal amount of space and provides ambient lighting to your workspace. It can be rotated around to face a corner for maximum visual effect.

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