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Simple and modern LED line wall lamp

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This wrought iron and acrylic LED line wall lamp combines elegance and modernity. It looks great in your house and adds a classy touch to it.

It reflects a yellowish-white light, giving your space an aesthetic and cozy look. 

These LED wall lamps are sleek and look more beautiful than big covered lights. The installation process of this wall lamp is quite simple and safe. To create this beautiful light, it goes through the process of grinding, polishing, and baking varnish. It comes in a size of 450 * 100 * 100. 

Adding this line of LED wall lights will make your house space look beautiful, elegant, and stylish. It perfectly blends with the interiors and furniture of the house and makes them stand out. Adding these lights to any house corner makes it look luxurious. 






Weight(g): 1000.

Package Weight(g): 1050.

Package Size(mm): 450*100*100.

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