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Houze Edition SV

Smart Magnet Cube Vase Trio

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Get creative and earthy
Plant decor anywhere

Adding flowers and decorative touch to your space will bring it to life!

A magnet is built into the back of the wooden block, allowing you to attach it to a refrigerator or any other steel surface.

Test tubes are made of glass so that you can use them as decorations, vases, spice racks, or spice racks.

With this beautiful wooden fridge magnet vase, you will always have a sense of spring in your kitchen. Sunny skies and positive vibes are guaranteed. Now, this is a showpiece that you cannot resist going without. Bring your favorite flowers into your day.

The small wooden vase fits easily into any interior decor, whether a Modern, Rustic, Scandinavian, or even Farmhouse kitchen. It's also cute and helpful for housewarming, Birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day.

Made by nature
For displaying nature
Just attach + hold
Built-in magnets on all cubes ensure a solid adherence to fridges, nails, or pipes for an insta-plant that requires no screws or drills.
Sleek ‘n slim
Each cube includes a 6-inch-tall glass vial to hold your hand-picked flowers or little plant of choice. Wood used is 100% natural without chemicals used.
Charm it up anywhere
From cubicle walls to breakroom fridges or the bathroom mirror at home, find ways to add instant decor with our handy cube vases.
A great gift
From moms to managers and friends, everyone will love this cool and modern look of this trio of magnetized decor blocks.
Modern aesthetic is here
The FUNNYFISH brand merges culture with nature for modern design that is durable yet eco-sustainable. All items are designed with the goal to inspire better everyday living and playful fun.

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