Wooden Storage Shelves ideas for a tiny house

Wooden Storage Shelves ideas for a tiny house

Living in a Tiny Home comes with its challenges, such as making the most of the limited space on your property and keeping all of your essential household items stored and utilized within the restricted space. As a result, one of the best solutions to solve this problem would be to switch to wooden storage shelves.


With hidden shelves for a pantry or stairs that can be converted into closets, you have plenty of options for storing your belongings without cluttering your house.


Take a look at these tiny solid wood storage shelves ideas and storage tips!


Make the most of your space with Wooden storage shelf organizers.


Pull-out spice racks make cooking essentials easy to access.

A clever way to maximize the space in a small kitchen is by fitting Wooden storage shelve between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor.

Design Custom Hidden Storage


There are a lot of hidden home organization ideas in tiny homes, and those are the best! Add some under-floor storage to your tiny house, and you will be able to prove just how handy you are!


Adding a small wood storage shelf to the sides of raised wooden floors makes it easy to access clothes, shoes, and other items easily.


A floor hatch is a great way to hide less frequently used items such as camping gear, renovation tools, or even additional bedding.


Choose floor storage boxes with removable lids to ensure your valuables are kept safe and accessible.


The backsplash of your tiny kitchen is the perfect place to install hidden kitchen storage. You can choose a concealed double drawer unit or a mirror that offers concealed storage for your bathroom.


If you're looking for ways to hide away storage in your tiny home, you don't have to build it yourself! Repurpose vintage suitcases for coffee table storage or use hollow home decor for an unassuming solution!


Maximize Your Shelf Space

If you arrange your Wooden storage shelves tastefully, you will achieve a sense of order and balance in your home, as you can create tiered shelves that will complement your decor, as well as avoid visual overcrowding in your tiny home.


There are several ways you can store things in your tiny house beside the tops of the solid wood storage shelves - you can attach hooks to the underside of your shelving to add more storage or, by fastening lids to jars, you can add more storage to your tiny house!


With under-shelf hooks in your entryway, you can keep your keys, hats, pet leashes, and a lot more organized and in a designated place.


A good solution for organizing your tiny home kitchen would be to store fresh produce in the fridge or surplus food in the pantry using baskets that fit under the shelves.


You can also use under-shelf storage to organize your medicine cabinet and store novels and other loose papers under your desk.


Moreover, stock your tiny bathroom with extra towels and toiletries for guests if you want to store those things beneath your shelves.


Get Creative with Support Beams


How can you create creative shelving for a small space? Use your support beams to your advantage!

You may also want to paint the beams in your A-frame tiny house in the kitchen, so they match the color of your cabinets for the kitchen to have a finished look.


Stagger Shelves


Boxy, uniform shelving units can overwhelm a small room, making it seem smaller than it is. Look for ladder-style pieces with thinner shelves toward the top of the piece rather than ones that look like ladders. It can help lighten up a room's appearance, provide helpful storage for items of varying sizes, and make it appear bigger and brighter.


Scale Down Shelves


The small spaces in your home, tiny bathrooms, only allow a little room for overly large furniture.


Consider sizing-down pieces that still have ample space for storage, like this open three-shelf unit, that will give your space a much-needed boost.


Perfect for every bathroom, it features just the right amount of storage for extra towels and toiletries.




A wall with storage shelves adds warmth and elegance to any room.


The beauty of wooden shelves for walls is that they can be an excellent addition to any home, regardless of whether you are a minimalist, a lover of showy, lavish furniture and ornaments, or somewhere in between.

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